Psychedelic & Mystic

The name Trip-E says it all. Let the wave carry you higher and higher. Be one with the universe. Be in a state of bliss…Try this product and find out why it is called Trip-E.

Trip-E is perfect for a quiet setting, so nothing can distract you from the intense experience. The effects per capsule are more potent than the other Happy Caps. Dosage is recommended at 1 capsule for the less experienced or more sensitive users.


Voorgestelde dosering: 1 capsule per 24 uur. 45 minuten voor het gewenste effect innemen met water. Gebruik nooit meer dan de maximale dosering van twee capsules per 24 uur.


Per capsule: Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (275 mg), Guarana (25 mg), magnesium stearate, calcium dioxide, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule).