Happy Caps

Stimulate your body and mind

Happy Caps are a range of powerful herbal formulas with a wide spectrum of effects: energetic, euphoric, trippy or mood enhancing. Whether you want to party all night or need a pick-me-up after a stressful day, the Happy Caps formulas won’t let you down!

Each Happy Caps pack contains 4 capsules, enough for at least 2 doses. Depending on body weight, take one or two capsules about 45 minutes before the desired effect. Consumption on an empty stomach will increase the sensation. Do not take more than 2 capsules per 24 hours.

It’s all in the name. With Energy-E you’ll feel charged up and uninhibited throughout the night. Why party till you drop when you can party non-stop?


Dance-E is a potent energizer with some slight euphoria added to the mix. Dance-E is especially recommended for nights out, dance parties and festivals.


Party-E intensifies the party sensation to the next level. This formula charges you up and elevates your party mood. Whether you’re drinking, dancing, talking or flirting, you’ll feel those party vibes getting multiplied.

The effects Euphor-E bestows will make you simply want to grin from ear to ear! Euphor-E can be used for any and all social events. Just turn that frown upside down.


The Sex-E formula consists of world-famous aphrodisiacs such as Spanish Fly and Horny Goat Weed. The name already hints at the ideal use; Sex-E is recommended for a very romantic (or wild!) night alone with your loved one.


Space-E is an ecstatic energizer stimulating both body and mind, a great formula to give an extra dimension to a trance party or other spectacle of lights and sound.


Brain-E is an ideal stimulation for long study sessions and other such activities where you absolutely need your mind to stay at peak performance for an extended duration of time.


Lounge-E is a dose of blissful encapsulated relaxation. Lounge-E is recommended for an evening home on the couch, alone, with a loved one or a small group of friends.

The most psychedelic of the Happy Caps, Trip-E expands your consciousness and takes you on a mystic, meditative journey. Trip-E is perfect for a quiet setting, so nothing can distract you from the experience.